Tuesday Shopping July 20

Good Morning Shoppers,

We had 4 big deliveries yesterday, including Fresh fruit and vegetables,
dried fruit and nuts and 1.5 tonne of Demeter flour products. It is always
a challenge taking this big order and even more so yesterday because our
pallet jack broke last week and, although we now have a replacement, it
arrived after Brendan, Mimosa’s partner single-handedly transported the
whole delivery from the concrete pad, into the loading dock and then onto
the storage shelves for us. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for this
stellar effort.

I’ve contacted people who have placed bulk orders for Demeter products but
I know that there are many of you who will be happy to see the shelves
full again.


I would like to encourage everyone to attend tomorrow night.

Come and get some organic soup and bread between 6pm and 8.30pm every
Wednesday Night. It’s $7 for members/students, $8.50 non members, and $5
for kids. It is also an open mic night so there will be some performers
each Wednesday till 9.30pm.

We will always need helpers over the night so email
*acousticsoupnight@gmail.com* if you would like to perform for a 20 minute
set, or help out for an hour or more, in exchange for your dinner. Open mic
is open to all types of performers…singers, musicians, poets, magicians
etc. Helpers are needed to prepare soup, take money, clean up, and run the
P.A. system.

Flyers are available at the co-op,

See You There!

Just to let you know, I have some plans to re-organise the layout of
products in our Co-op and as this is happening, if you are unable to find
things, please don’t hesitate to ask about new locations. I’m not sure
exactly when we will start moving things but hopefully it will be soon.

Last but not least.


Cabbage Red
Carrots Juicing
Capsicum Red
Carrot Medium
Cucumber Green
Garlic Russian
Garlic Cloves
Peas Sugarsnap


Apples Fuji
Apples Lady Williams
Orange Navel Nets

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our Co-op to stock up now that school
has gone back. And don’t forget, since last week there is plenty of free
parking behind the Co-op.


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