Co-op open and filling up with lovely food and some important dates

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the re-opening of the Co-op. We are now located on Childers street next to the Street Theatre at the rear of the car park.

We have a huge delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables arriving today as well as hundreds of kilos of dried goods. We are endeavoring to re-stock as quickly as the budget will allow.

There are few Co-op events coming up which benefit from your attendance.

1. Acoustic Soup is on this Saturday (not Wednesday), October 15. Every Acoustic Soup is a fund-raiser for the Co-op and your support is important.

2. October 31 at 3pm is a Special General Meeting to inform members of our changed circumstances and discuss our plans for meeting these new circumstances.

3. AGM will be on November 27 at 3pm. Please attend.

4. The Co-op will close for the Christmas break on Friday, December 17. Saturday, December 18 will be a busy bee to pack up before the 3 week break. Please put this in your diaries and come along to pack up and clean on this day.

Fresh in today are:


Avocado bulk




Cabbage Green

Cabbage Red

Capsicum Red

Carrots Juicing

Carrots Medium






Mushrooms Button

Onions Brown


Peas sugar snap

Potato Pontiac

Potato Sebago

Potato Nicola

Potato Sweet Gold

Pumpkin Japanese

Pumpkin Jarradale

Tomato Vine Ripened

Tomato Grape Punnet



Apples Fuji

Apples Granny Smith

Apples Juicing


Grapefruit Yellow

Mandarin Imperial

Orange Juicing

Orange Navel

Orange nets

Paw Paw

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