Saturday night Sustainable Food at the new Food Co-op

Don’t let the disgusting 11 degrees forecast for tomorrow stop you from coming out to get scrumptious soup and listen to awesome music and interesting speakers!

Soups are as of now officially announced, this month is going to bring you a cashew and chilli soup and a spiced sweet potato, spinach and coconut soup.

Also, the full runsheet of music and speakers is listed at the bottom of this email, so check it out and rock up for those things which most interest you… or just come for the whole night.

This month we will also have chai, moroccan minted tea, and a full bar featuring organic wine from the region and some local beer. Oh and delicious raw organic cakes made with love.

See you tomorrow at the co-op’s NEW LOCATION on Childers Street, next to the Street Theatre.


Acoustic Soup Crew x

Running Sheet
October 16, 2010

6 pm Co-op Tour 1

6:30-6:50 Co-op Tour 2

An Intro to the Co-op: how to shop here, what you can buy & the benefits.

Barbara Schreiner is a co-op coordinator and long term vegan. She is a trained architect, teacher and gardener and long term member of the Food Co-op.

6:30-6:50 Music Set 1 : Winiata (Acoustic/Folk)

6:50-7:00 Introduction & Genevieve Wauchope

Introduction to night & MC by Sarah

Explanation of the Canberra Environment Centre & the Sustainability Challenge by Genevieve. Genevieve Wauchope (War KUP) is the new director of the Canberra Environment Centre.

7-7:10 Fiona Tito-Wheatland (sustainability & you)

Fiona Tito-Wheatland is a lawyer, consultant and researcher. She runs workshops on ideas of sustainability and change and is going to be talking about how to get on with becoming more sustainable without collapsing in the process.

7:10-7:15 Hal Judge (poetry)

Hal Judge is a Canberra writer and poet.

7:15-7:25 Richard Odell (Griffith Butcher)

Richard Odell has been the local Griffith Butcher since 1989. He is famous for his environmental consciousness and community spirit. We’re going to hear a bit about his butchery and the issue of certification of organic/biodynamic produce.

7:25-7:35 David Dumaresq (global/local)

David Dumaresq is a farmer and academic and well known for his human ecology courses at the ANU. He is a well established researcher of sustainable systems in agriculture, in urban communities and in the ethics of what we eat.

7:35-7:55 Music Set 2: Ellen & Susan

7:55-8:05 Celeste McGrath (raw food)

Celeste McGrath is a mother, Sea Shephard activist and vegan. She runs her own raw food business in the ACT.

8:05-8:15 Nick Mayo (sustainable urban food)

Nick Mayo is Canberra born and bred and is passionate about sustainability.

He is a qualified scientist and educator and, with his partner Sarah, the owner of Canberra’s Sustainable House where he works as a consultant, advisor and tour guide. For Nick, kitchen gardening nurtures both the taste buds and the soul, turning food miles into food metres.

8:15-8:45 Music Set 3: Alice Cottee, The Converted

8:45-8:50 Owen Pidgeon (Lorendale Orchards)

Owen Pidgeon is the owner of Lorendale Orchards in Hall. He grows heritage and modern organic apple varieties. He is going to talk to us about life on the orchard through drought, apple festival and Canberra’s urban expansion.

8:50-9:00 Zoe Bowman (Kitchen Garden Cooking)

Zoe Bowman is the NSW representative for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens in Schools project. She is going to share with us why it’s important to get gardening and cooking into the school curriculum.

9:00-9:20 Music Set 4: Sandy Meischke

9:20-9:30 Saan Ecker (What do we do next?)

Saan Ecker completed a phD at the ANU in sustainability and food. She is interested in definitions of sustainability and how we can get better at how we grow, distribute and eat food.

9:30-9:40 Lucky Draw & Conclusions (Genevieve & Hadley)

Lucky Door Prize & Concluding Remarks

9:40 – late Music Set 5


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