New website and email for the Food Co-op

The Coop has simplified our websites.  Instead of a wiki and a blog, we have consolidated the sites into this central source of information, for example you can now access the Co-op rules from the navigation bar under the header image.

Our email has changed too, and from now on “” will replace “” as our email address.   We have set up a Google Group instead of the old mailing list, and you can opt in and decide how you want to receive messages from the Co-op at the Food Co-op Members home page.

The Co-op’s Twitter account and the Acoustic Soup Facebook page remain unchanged.  And you can still Join and like the Co-op’s Facebook page.

We are now back to full opening hours, and the shop is full of seasonal goodness!


  1. Just wonder if I would like to work in the ANU food co-op shop, should i send an email or just come to hand in the resume?

  2. Hi there – the staff at the Co-op are volunteers. If you’d like to work in the shop and accrue a discount on purchases, just come on in and have a chat.

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