New organisation around volunteering

The co-op loves and appreciates volunteers! We love volunteers so much that one hour of volunteering a month gets you a 20% discount!

We have updated the Volunteer Roster to assist with planning. The new roster (found at the side of the fridge to the left as you enter) outlines specific duties that need to be done at specific times. This will help you to know what you have signed up for and help us know what you can do and when!

If you do not put your name down on the roster and just come in we can not guarantee that you will be able to work.

The new roster has space for people who wish to clean, do admin, help out with cooking or with deliveries. We also have ongoing jobs that are not on the roster. These are often ongoing volunteer jobs that can be done at home or ‘special event’ jobs.

To help manage volunteers at the co-op we now have a Volunteer Manager, Madeleine who many of you will have met as a co-ordinator. We also now have a volunteering email:

Join the email list to hear about volunteering opportunities within and out of the co-op or send the volunteer manager an email to see what can be done. Or just pop your name in a slot on the new roster.


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