Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Vege boxes will be available from the 9th of May!

What’s a vege box???
A vege box is pre-ordered box of seasonal fresh fruit and veges at a set price.

How much does it cost?
We will have two sizes available a $25 and a $50 box. The normal 20% discount will apply if you have done your volunteer hour.

What will I get in the vege box?
Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. We will only be stocking easy to use every day in season items such as onions, potatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, lettuce, avocado etc.

What if I don’t like something or want something different?
If there is something in particular that you don’t like or have enough of at home, we can replace it with another item. This will only be available for a couple of items at a time… not whole boxes.

Why get a vege box?
Boxes will be available on Monday nights straight after work (6-7pm) making it easy for you to simply come in and pick up your fresh vege box. Ordering a box will make it easier for you to shop at the coop as parking is no longer always readily available.

Can you home deliver and can I order groceries at the same time?
At the moment we will not be offering home deliveries. We hope to have grocery orders available in the near future.

How does it work?
Boxes are pre-ordered and pre-paid so we know exactly how much to order and pack. Boxes will be available on Mondays from 6-7pm and throughout normal trading hours. Boxes will be packed by volunteers from 4-6 on Mondays. You can help out with box packing for your 20% discount.

My family/ friend would be interested in ordering a box but doesn’t want to become a member. Can they still order a box?
We encourage memberships so that people can have full participation, choice and low prices for their food purchases. That being said, boxes will be available for everyone.

How do I order and pay?
Talk to a co-ordinator or manager. Your name, details and box size will be placed on a list. When you pick up your box you can pre-pay and order again. We can also provide you with our bank account details for you to pre-pay online.

If you are picking up a box on a Monday between 6-7 and want to re-order and prepay, you will need to have the exact money in cash as the register will not be open.

Co-op Management
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