New volunteering opportunities and the Co-op membership survey

There are lots of ways to volunteer at the co-op and we currently have some projects that we need help with. Your involvement with ongoing projects will entitle you to discount stamps for either as long as you are involved with the project *or* how many hours the
project takes takes you. This month in May we need help with:

  • An Energy Audit
  • A Health and Safety Audit
  • Flyer distribution and printing
  • Our pricing project
  • Screen Printing
  • Baking and Cooking

If none of the above projects interest you we are always in need of volunteers at the shop.

The new roster is designed to help us make the most from our volunteers. If none of the hours on the volunteer roster suit you then email the volunteer manager to arrange something. Don’t forget that if you want to do a 2hr block it will entitle you to *two* 20% discount stamps.

Please contact the volunteer manager, Madeleine, at if you are interested in any of the projects or would like more information about volunteering.

The survey sent to memebers on Thursday 28th of April will be open until Tuesday (3rd of May) afternoon. Click on this link to help us understand what you want from your co-op

Have a lovely autumn weekend

The Management Team

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