CARROTMOB at Ainslie IGA on this Saturday

Good afternoon members!!

You like a good carrot right? Agree that clean energy’s the way of the
future? Well then you’ll LOVE ‘Carrotmob’………….

To contribute to the ACT’s newly adopted 40% greenhouse gas reduction
target, and spread the message even further, Canberra Loves 40% and
partners present ‘Carrotmob <>’.

Ever wondered how to make small businesses get more sustainable? Carrotmobs
are a fantastic way for business and the community to work together.

Carrotmobs are a global movement of community organisers who use consumer
activism as a way to help change businesses in their communities. In a
Carrotmob campaign, businesses compete at how socially responsible they can
be, and then a network of consumers spends money to support the winner.

Ainslie IGA has won Canberra’s first ever Carrotmob by committing to put
100% of the money spent by the ‘mob’ on Saturday June 11 into reducing their
greenhouse gas emissions. The SustainAbility Advice Team has donated an
energy audit to help Ainslie decide how to get maximum emissions reductions
with the mob’s money. All we need to do is get lots of people to buy some of
their usual groceries on June 11 at Ainslie IGA.  How easy is that?

The more of us and the more we spend the more they can do! Join the mob
that’s creating a more sustainable Canberra by registering on our website

Get more for your money than just your weekly groceries – be part of a
solution to climate change, and a fun community event with live bands, bbq,
and fun and games for kids.

You can also ‘like’ Carrotmob
on facebook to keep in touch with this and future Carrotmobs.

Please forward this to anyone you think might be willing to change the time
and place they buy their groceries one time to make this event a success!
If we can successfully flood Ainslie IGA with sustainable shoppers, we can
empower a strong mob of shoppers to influence more businesses again and
again.  Just think what hundreds of shoppers could do to transform small
businesses all across Canberra.

Join the mob that wants a more sustainable Canberra, and see you at Ainslie IGA on Saturday 11 June.

See you there!


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