Fresh in Thursday, July 7th

Hello Co-op Members,
I’ve included the prices of the fruit and vegetables this week, I hope you find it helpful.

Don’t forget that members who have worked for 1 hour within the month will receive a 20% discount on these prices!!!


Asparagus $5.15bunch
Beetroot $6.15kg
Bok Choy $3.85 e
Broccoli $8.30kg
Cabbage (green and red) $6.15 each
Carrots- Eating $4.65 and Juicing $1.95
Cauliflower $7.30 each
Capsicum – Red $27kg and Green $12.20kg
Coriander $3 bunch
Ginger $24.50 kg
Jerusalem Artichokes $5kg
Kale (green) $6.15bunch
Lettuce – Oak Green $2.65e
Mushrooms Swiss Brown $28kg
Parsley (flat) $2.65b
Parsnip $4kg
Potato – dutch cream, desiree, sebago
Pumpkin- butternut $3kg and japanese $1.60kg
Silverbeet $6.15 bunch
Snowpeas $38.50
Sweet potato Gold $5.65kg Purple $3kg
Tomato punnets and round $12.60kg
Zucchini $4.40kg

Avocado-Tray $2.50 each and bulk $8.60kg
Apples-Fuji,Golden delicious, Gala, pink lady, and seconds prices vary
Grapefruit (yellow) $5kg
Kiwi (from Australia) $8.75kg
Limes 30c each or $8.35kg
Mandarines- Imperial $9.35kg and Hicksons $7.55 (sweet and honey like
with a texture of satsumas)
Oranges- Navel Nets $9.10 and Navels loose $3.20
Pears- Bosc $7.35kg and Packham $7.90kg
Pinapples $7 each
Strawberries $10.95 punnet

We look forward to seeing you at your coop!

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