Fresh in at your our Co-op

Hi all!

Lots of organic deliciousness in stock today. Highlights include:

Fuji Apples @ $8.60/Kg
Bulk Avocados @ 6.90/Kg
Black and Green Kale @ $4.70 each
Juicing Oranges @ 2.10 /Kg
Strawberry Punnets @ 6.80 each
Cherry Tomato punnets @ 4.90 each

AND a special on organic Bananas @ 10.90 /Kg!

We also got lots of other delicious items in today including:

Fair Trade organic coral rice @ 11.70 /Kg
Organic brown rice flour @ 11.50 /Kg
Organic raw pepitas @ 17.75/Kg
Organic Icing sugar @ 7.45 /Kg
and Organic raw ABC (almond, brazil and cashew) nut mix @ 23.65 /Kg.

Hope to see you soon!



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