Fresh in 25 October

From our fresh produce, highlights include:

Broccoli @ $8.90 /Kg
Ginger @ $18.90 /Kg
Brown Onions @ $6.10/kg
Leeks @ $3.05 each
Asparagus @ $3.50/kg
Fuji Apples @ $7.30/kg
Zuchini @ $4.90/kg
Beetroot @ $5.60/kg
Egglpant @ $12.25/kg
and Roma tomatoes @ $7.00 /Kg

From our non-fresh selection, highlights include:

Rice Syrup @ $11.20/kg
Peanut Butter @ $5.70/kg
A selection of rye and sourdough breads
A selection of sheep’s milk yoghurts, tempeh’s and tofus

We’re a little short of lemons this week so if anyone has a surplus they would like to sell at the co-op, you are more than welcome to bring them along.

See you all soon,


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