An invitation to our AGM – Sunday 20th November at 2.15pm

Dear Co-op Members,

The Food Co-op has an exciting year ahead as we move into our new location. The AGM is your chance to discuss the new location and activities of the Food Co-op, meet the new Managers and vote for your new Board Members.

Board Members form the Management Collective (MC), which is a group of between 5 and 9 interested Co-op members who have time and energy – about one hour per week on average. There are 3 Office Bearing positions, President, Secretary and Treasurer, one of which must be filled by an undergraduate ANU student, and up to 6 other non Office Bearing positions.

The current MC would like to encourage all co-op members to condsider becoming a Board Member. Nomination forms are available at the Food Co-op. For more information about nomination procedures and the MC please see the blurb below. We have several board vacancies including the Office Bearing positions, and we do need to fill these vacancies.

If you are unable to attend the AGM you are still able to vote for board members by filling out a voting form at the co-op or sending an email with you votes for members of the board. This may done a week before and up to week after the AGM.

If you have facebook you can find more info about the AGM on our Facebook page

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM Sunday 20th November at 2.15pm.

Your MC

The Management Collective Elections 2011

Nominations: All members are able to nominate themselves as board members but your nomination form must have the signatures of two other Co-op Members to be valid. Board members are elected at the AGM and each board member must have a 2/3 majority vote in order to be accepted onto the Board. Nominations for the board can be made on the day, but we would prefer to receive all nominations by Friday 19 November.

The Management Collective: The Management Collective has a variety of duties both official and more general. The Treasurer and Secretary have official duties set out in the Food Co-op Rules (which can be accessed via our website), whilst other MC members provide support, insight and undertake tasks for the MC and co-op. The MC is involved in: the employment of co-op staff, dispute resolution and grievance arbitration, advertising, budgeting and financial decsions, liasing with managers, future planning for the co-op and much much more!

We are looking for a number of co-op members who can bring skills to co-op such as business knowledge, accountancy and legal skills. Being part of the MC is more than making it to a meeting once a month. Members of the MC must have time and commitment to extra hours and regular email contact with the MC, managers and members. MC members must be willing and have time to take an active interest in the co-op. MC members receive a 20% discount for the term on on the MC.

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