Fresh In

Hello all,

Time for an update on our latest fresh produce and dried goods!

Bananas @ $5.90/kg
Pineapples @ $8.75 each
Rockmelons @ 2.90/kg
Strawberries @ $5.90/punnet
Cherries @ $19.50/kg
Basil @ $4.90/bunch
Fennel @ $4.70/bunch

This morning we received a dried goods orders as well. Some of the highlights are:

Amaranth Flour @ $9/kg
Chilli Powder @ $41.20/kg
Cumin Powder @ $48.05/kg
Corriander Powder @ $46/kg
Dried Jackfruit @ $34.90/kg
White Bakers Flour @ $3.90/kg
French Green Lentils @ $11.15/kg
Kidney Beans @ $7.35/kg

For those waiting for cocoa powder I’m sorry to say we did get some in but it was damaged during shipping. In the process of working that out now.

Looking forward to seeing you around the co-op!


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