Our new Management Collective

Dear Food Co-op Members,
Thank you to all those who attended the AGM and to those who voted over the last week. Your new co-op MC members are Deb Cleland, Charles Waymont, Sasha Hunt, Amber Shuhtya, Emily Chapman-Searle, Kai Kamanda-Laws (President) and Shannon McCallum (Secretary). The Treasurers position is yet to be filled from this group of seven.
If you would like to contact the MC directly please feel free to do so at food-co-op-mc@gmail.com. Board meetings are held once a month and all members are entitled to attend these meetings.
I would like to thank all of the previous MC members for their work over the last year and also to thank all those who ran for the Board this year.
Madeleine (outgoing President)

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