How to find the new Co-op location … and what you’ll find inside!

So we’re in, we’re open and we’re gorgeous! First up, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to our indefatigable Managers Joe and Brendan, and Mark and the other volunteers who have worked so hard to make the new Co-op space ready.

The whole Unilodge precinct is still a bit of a construction site, so here’s a visual guide to find the new Co-op premises. The location is 3 Kingsley St, opposite Toad Hall just off Barry Drive at the city edge of the Uni.  Here’s a map of the new location for the visual thinkers among us.

There is a bike rack and an additional (undercover) bike rack on the opposite side of the building. Within a month or two there will be a bus stop at the door. There is some on-street parking that is free outside of 9/5 on weekdays, and a small bay of parking with the same hours at Toad Hall. Most of the parking outside Toad is permit parking for residents, so be careful. There is more free parking after 5:30 on week days in nearby Watson St and McKay Gardens, and there’ll be some trolleys soon to get your purchases back to transport. Click on any of the following pictures to enlarge them.

It’s not that easy to spot just yet …

View of the Co-op from Kingsley St

but as you get closer, you’ll see a reassuring sign. You’re in the right place!

Inside you’ll find the same delicious food and other products the Co-op is known for,

Co-op herbs, teas and canned goods

Co-op produce and dried goods

a place to pause and chat,


and have a cup of delicious tea. (Delicious coffee coming soon when the Cafe area kicks off. Really delicious coffee.)

tea station

There are lots of exciting things on the way, including next Friday’s clothes swap which is running from 12:30 (more details on Facebook.)

Clothes Swap at the Co-op 17/2/2012 from 12:30

Anyone wishing to volunteer a little time for their extra discount should get in touch and find out what needs doing – we look forward to seeing you at our new Co-op!

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