Fresh in 6-9-12


What does spring mean to you?

Down here at the co-op it means amazing organic produce arriving at our door including…

Beautiful organic eggplants @ $14.95 / Kg
Big juicy leeks @ $2.70 / Each
Large Zucchini @ $5.40 / Kg
Pawpaw @ $6.60 / Kg

Black Kale @ $4.85 / Bunch
Fuji Apples @ $8.60 / Kg
Kiwi Fruit @ $5.60 / Kg
Cavendish Bananas @ $6.80 / Kg

We also have plenty of our popular dry goods back in stock including:

Biodynamic brown rice @ $5.40 / Kg
Steel Cut Oats @ $5.40 / Kg
Alfalfa seed @ $28.10 / Kg
Sunflower Kernals @ $16/30 / Kg

And just to give some advance notice that our famous $4 organic lunches will be on hold for the next two weeks because of the Uni teaching break and the date of Acoustic Soup this month will be the 26th of September (with a great line up already).

Finally, do any of our fabulous members consider themselves to be handy with a drill, saw or hammer? We are looking to fill an ongoing volunteer handy-person position to help us fix chairs, put up shelves and generally make our co-op more awesome than it already is. If you think you’ve got what it takes, please get in touch with us at… we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you are all enjoying the slightly warmer weather and we’re looking forward to seeing you down at the co-op soon!

-The Food Coop team.

* A free vegan cupcake will be awarded to the first person who can tell us which language the first word of this email is written in!
Congratulations also to Sonam who correctly guessed that “Yaama!” means “Hello!” in the Gamilaraay language of northern New South Wales.

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