Fresh In 13-9-12

Nguldi Arndu!*

Check out what just arrived at the co-op…

Beautiful Granny Smith Apples @ $8.30 / Kg

Pink Lady Apples @ $9.80 / Kg
Cavendish Bananas @ $6.80 / Kg

They’re all organic and they’re all Australian grown!

Plus we have…

Snow Peas @ $22.50 / Kg
Black Kale @ $4.50 / Bunch  – get in quick, our last delivery sold out within a day!
Enormous Leeks @ $2.70 / Each
and yes, beautiful Red Cabbage @ $4.20 / Each

Also, for people who are crazy about Agave we are now stocking the organic Dark Blue Agave nectar from our friends at Maretai Organics. This Agave is really delicious and is cheaper than our last lot at only $12.70/kg (down from $14.30/kg).

And just a reminder our popular $4 Lunches will start up again on Tuesday 25th of September followed by Acoustic Soup on the 26th.

Stay dry and see you down at the co-op soon!

-The Food Coop team.

* A free vegan cupcake will be awarded to the first person who can tell us which language the first word of this email is written in!
Congratulations also to Rachel who correctly guessed that “Gingahgali!” means “Hello!” in the Bundjalung language of northern New South Wales.

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