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Team Descriptions

All the descriptions have been written based on what a group of Co-op members have thought as being important areas of the co-op are deserving of some attention.  If you want to get involved with a particular team, you would have ownership over the projects and things that team undertakes. All teams would be self driven and self organised, but would have a ‘Co-ordinator’ that they would communicate with regularly.

You get to think up a rad name for your Team, too!

Food Labels and Recipe Information Team: ‘The Stock Cubes’

Interested in nutrition and recipe sharing?

Lots of bulk foods in the Co-operative are unfamiliar to many people. This awesome team are excited about all the different and amazing bulk food we sell at the Co-op, and wants to uncover information and investigate various ways to use these amazing ingredients. They then prepare little fliers or laminated info sheets to help shoppers learn about these ingredients and what they can do with them. Writing up recipes that use some of these interesting ingredients would also help members/shoppers learn how to cook with them, and could be distributed in the shop and the Co-op’s webspaces.

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together!

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Fundraising Team: ‘The  Fun(d) Machine’

For someone who enjoys creating and executing interesting and engaging ways for the Co-op to fundraise dollars!

There are some things that the Co-op can’t barter for, and needs to acquire through the cash economy. Fundraising activities and events are opportunities for the Co-op to raise money for certain essentials, e.g. good quality kitchenware or café furniture. This Team would collaborate with Co-ordinators, other volunteers and members to think of unique ways to raise money for these things. Raffles, fundraiser benefits, member ‘sponsor a grain’ style drives, and sustainable Co-op merchandise are just some of the starting suggestions. This team would need to be particularly self driven, and get excited about phrases such as ‘project execution’. Some starting suggestions and ideas:

  • A “get healthy and ethically conscious” playgroup fundraiser: parents provide a meal/snacks for their playgroup made from Co-op ingredients, with donations going back to the Co-op.
  • ‘Sponsor a spelt’: A bulk food dispenser sponsorship (to run closer to the arrival of the new vertical dispenser ‘silos’).

Volunteer times and location: For the team to work out together.

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

DIY Team: ‘The Fix-Its’

Handy with a nail and hammer, or enjoy making things with your hands?

The Co-op would love a team of DIY men and women who are able to create (and repair!) furniture, fittings and fixtures in the shop and café. This could include things such as shelves, noticeboards, and other things as needed/broken. Working with recycled materials would be encouraged to keep with the Co-op’s ethos.

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together.

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Aprons and Sewing Team: ‘The Needle and Fed’

Know the difference between a needle and thread?

The Co-op would like to create aprons for volunteers and co-ordinators to wear whilst in the Co-op. Not only to keep your clothes clean, but also so shoppers and members can more easily identify a contact point/who is on duty.

This team would have some nifty sewing skills and would create aprons (and possibly other fabric-y things in the future) for volunteers to wear while on duty. The Co-op would provide the fabric and design (to maintain a consistent and easily identifiable ‘image’ within the co-op).  This team would work with the …

Screen Printing Team

… to screen print the Co-op logo onto Volunteering aprons! This team would need to have access to their own silk screens and workspace, but the Co-op would buy the paints and fabric.

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together!

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

The ‘Beanut Putter’ Team

For people who like smashing things up (and eating the end result!)

This team will be responsible for making peanut butter on a regular basis, advising the food ordering manager if their stocks of peanuts are low, taking jars from the jar sterilisation team (or if there is none, sterilising their own) and putting butter in jars with prices ready to sell.

But don’t stop with peanuts; this team can pursue jarring joy with tahini, honey, and other oils/liquids. The team could also explore making other nut butters. Good presentation of the products to increase sales is the creative side of this task!

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together (during Co-op opening hours).

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Marketing and Publicity Team: ‘ Co-op Communications Collective’

Do you like spreading the good word about the Co-op high and low, near and far, to old friends and new?

This team will be the gophers, researchers and poster-putter-uperers. They will liaise with the different groups, namely managers, lunch team, Acoustic Soup team, gardening team etc to see what needs to be promoted and when. The team will be responsible for ensuring that adequate publicity about upcoming events are in the Co-op, and ensuring that the Co-op blog is up-to-date. This group would most benefit from having members who are well-versed in marketing and publicity, and could coordinate with the graphic designers and managers on publication strategies, media releases, etc. Some starting points:

  • Make some visual price comparison for shopping in the Co-op (Eg in the herbs section having a jar and price of brand name oregano, and then a label free jar of Food Co-Op oregano and price).
  • Create posters promoting the Co-op as a breastfeeding friendly and child play friendly place to shop. These can then be put up in maternal and child health centres and childcare centres.  – also a great volunteering opportunity for at home mums who can’t do shop shifts but could get around to put some posters up in where they normally have to go.

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together

For more information contact: sofia.s.perez@gmail.com

Grants team: ‘The Bean Hunters’

Show we the money!

This team will keep track of the grants that are calling for applications, and work with the managers, coordinators, and other teams to prepare grants submissions for specific projects for the Co-op. The Co-op has a membership to ourcommunity.com.au, meaning we get a monthly email detailing available grants. This will be the primary source for finding grants, although there may be other grants/funding bodies/organisations that don’t use this service but that this team would (ideally) know about!

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Newsletter Team: ‘The Co-op Herald’

Want to start your own co-operative media empire… ahem, newsletter?

The newsletter team will be a committed bunch of volunteers who are responsible for collating a fortnightly (or monthly) newsletter related to all things Co-op. The newsletter would include information about new products, upcoming events, volunteering opportunities, and would be a gathering point for other volunteering teams, the managers and Management Committee to communicate to Co-op members. The Team will write some short pieces, but primarily be responsible for bringing together pieces written by other members relating to the Co-op (e.g a recipe from the Product Information Team using some new ingredients!)

Volunteer Times: For the team to determine

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

The back dock team: ‘The Product Welcome Party’

Be the first to know when the Bonsoy’s back!

The Co-op gets big deliveries on Monday and Thursday afternoons, and a smaller one on Friday afternoon. The back dock team does an amazing job of receiving the deliveries, discovering what glorious things have been ordered, pricing them and putting them out for sale in the shop. And best of all, you get to do this with Gordo!

Volunteer times: Monday and Thursday afternoons, 2pm

For more information contact: Gordo

Finance team

Get excited by words and phrases such as ‘invoice’, ‘projection’, and ‘financial reporting’??

Our amazing treasurers and bookkeeper need extra help at certain times of the year to help prepare audits, BAS and other finance-y things like budgets. This team is excited and a little bit experienced in the ways of money and loves to sink their collective teeth into financial reports, invoices and projections.

Volunteer Times: Determined in collaboration with the treasurers and bookkeeper.

For more information contact: food.coop.treasurer@gmail.com

Interior Design Team: ‘The Space Makers’

Splash your spatial awareness and design skills all across the Co-op!

Our interior design team wants to help make the Co-op a vibrant, welcoming, cohesive and attractive space. Currently there are lots of blank canvasses for you to develop into You are interested in things like painting, design, art and decorating, and will work with the branding strategy, Co-op members, and local artists to develop and beautify the interior of the Co-op.

Volunteer times: For the team to work out together (during Co-op opeing hours)

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Kitchen Volunteer Team: ‘Liam’s Minions’

Love food, love cooking, have some killer recipes, or just want to learn how to cook?

Or just want to meet new people in a fun environment? The Co-op kitchen is a hive of activity, feeding between 300 and 500 people per week. This is no mean feat and is always in need of some extra people power! Volunteer opportunities in the kitchen exist with the $4 lunches, Acoustic Soup and with other occasional events held at the Co-op. Volunteer work within the kitchen includes food preparation, cooking, service, cleaning and sorting the kitchen.

Volunteer times: Most days at various times during the week.

For more information contact: Liam Lilly 0422 639 888

Baking Volunteering: ‘Shake and Bake!’

Shake and bake are two verbs, they go good together, they rhyme.

Do you have a tried and trusted recipe to make and sell at the Co-op? The ‘Shake and Bake’ team is looking for enthusiastic volunteer bakers to cook delicious and nutritious snacks, offering a healthy alternative to our muffins and cup-cakes. Shake and Bake volunteers will get to use premium organic ingredients from the Food Co-op, work in a fun environment and get to see the fruits (geddit?) of their labour on sale!

Volunteer times: To be worked out so as not to interrupt Lunch and Acoustic Soup Prep

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Cleaning Volunteering: ‘The Hygiene Machine’

Feel immense satisfaction from creating gleaming, shining surfaces?

Cleaning is not for everyone but some of us can’t get enough! The Food Co-op is looking for volunteers to join our cleaning team, the Hygiene Machine. For both hygiene and aesthetics a clean Co-op is extremely important and your help will be met with extra love from the Co-op. Hygiene Machine volunteering includes cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, washing the toilet, dusting, sweeping, moping and re-organising. Volunteers get to work in a fun and friendly work place using environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning products. The Hygiene Machine isn’t about being ‘dish washers’, but periodically coming in and tackling cleaning tasks that occasionally need special attention

Volunteer times: All the time; some projects will need to be when the kitchen/ café isn’t in use.

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Veggie Box Volunteering: ‘Box Heads’

Love vegetables? How about boxes??

If so then come and join the ‘Box Heads’! The box heads are the Co-op’s veggie box packing team. We help the Co-op sell fruit and veg to those who are short of time to shop, or would rather your expert opinion of what seasonal, organic produce is best right now! Volunteering with the box heads involves preparing our $25 and $50 veggie boxes based on particular orders, seasonality and availability, plus you get to work with Brendan!

Volunteer times: Monday Evening

For more information contact Brendan Loo Gee

Backup Baristas Team

Are you a coffee connoisseur with barista experience to boot?

On the odd occasion when our regular baristas can’t make a shift, or for out of hours coffee making (such as Acoustic Soup or other evening events), we will look to the BBT for a volunteer who can fill in or help out for a few hours!

Volunteer Times: Variable

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Tech Training Team

This Team is responsible for training up new co-ordinators and volunteers in the POS (point of sale) system. These volunteers will have experience in the POS, and the day-to-day business of the Co-op, along with good communication skills. Its anticipated that only one Tech Trainer would be needed per training session; by having a team of available vollies, we can ensure that we aren’t asking too much of just one or two volunteers with these skills.

Volunteer Times: Variable.

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Solo Volunteering Opportunities

For those who prefer solo volunteering as opposed to volunteering as part of a group.

There’s so many intelligent, skilled people involved in the Co-op that we can’t keep up. If you’ve noticed something around the Co-op that could do with some of your attention, or you’ve got skills that could be put to good use somewhere, speak up!

For more information contact: food.coop.vollies@gmail.com

Volunteer Based Marketing

Want to be recognised for your everyday spruiking of the Co-op?

Here’s some areas where volunteer based marketing will be considered worthy of getting your volunteer discount for the month, or another Co-op benefit. The Co-op will need some form of evidence of you doing this before you discount will be applied.

  • Get an ad or brochure about the Co-op on your departmental email/whole of government email or business email.
  • Put Co-op brochures or posters around your workplace for a free coffee, but if you put it on all the different floors and buildings of your office then that’s worthy of the discount!
  • Get a printing company to print out a bunch of Co-op brochures pro bono.
  • You own/work at a printing company, and do a bulk colour print out of co-op brochures for us to use.
  • You do a letter box pamphlet drop off in your residential area.
  • You get a Co-op ad in the Australian Breastfeeding magazine or the ACT Playgroups Association magazine (shopping at the Food Co-Op is very child friendly: breastfeeding friendly, slow paced, personalised, toys are available etc)
  • You organise a sustainable living and environmentally conscious challenge in your workplace, with simple tick boxes of things individuals can do including shopping for local and unpackaged produce at places like the Food Co-Op
  • Get a free lunch if you bring 5 or more office colleagues to a weekday lunch.

Volunteering by distance

Can’t make it into the Co-op but still want to volunteer?

The Co-op also has opportunities for this! Here’s just a few options:

  • Maintain the Facebook page.
  • Put up posters in your neighbourhood shops, or places that you visit regularly where other people who would value shopping at the Co-op frequent (eg child care  and maternal health centres, primary schools).

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