Resourceful House/Garden Tour, this Saturday 20 October!!

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Come and see Paul Crawford’s suburban block in Mawson. Examples of

– Grid interactive solar power, solar hot water, and solar cooking.
– Changes made to a 1960’s house to be more efficient.
– A way of living so nothing goes down the stormwater and sewer connections.
– A productive edible home garden.
– Obtaining garden water without using potable town water supply.
– Planting of trees on public open space.
– Edible landscaping.
– Soil improvement, worm farms, chickens and compost bins.
– Use of Efficient Microorganisms, and aerated compost tea.
– Propagation of fruit plants from seeds and cuttings.
– Human powered transport.
– Use of grass clippings and autumn leaves which others considered waste to build soil and improve ecological diversity.
– Ways of minimizing carbon footprint and sequestering carbon in the soil.

“Paul is something of a renegade experimentalist with an unwavering commitment to domestic sustainability– the scale and ingenuity of his garden projects are sure to inspire.” – See-Change

Please RSVP to thedirtybeanstalk at gmail dot com by Thursday to secure your place so we can organise car pooling.

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