Dirty Beanstalk excursion Saturday 10 November – Fiona’s Garden in Hackett

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So, gardening guru Fiona Edge has kindly invited us into her yard to see all the wonders she has stored in there. Fiona is an old school urban homesteader, and does her own everything (it sounds like), including: – preserving – laundry detergent – soap – sourdough – kefir – homebrew (in bulk!) …and not least they have a beautiful pizza oven, which will be cooking up some goodies on the day! And we haven’t even gotten to the garden part.

Fiona’s garden is a protected urban block (bit of a micro-climate) which backs onto a nature reserve, spilling out a little (kind of like Paul Crawford’s like those of you who went a few weeks ago). It is similar to a forest garden, Fiona described it to me as a ‘jungle’, but full of interesting and unusual plants, flowers and herbs, with some medicinal.

Here are some photos to entice you:

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So if you’re interested in coming, which of course you are, please email us back to express your interest asap and so we can organise transport… you are welcome to go on your own if you’re close, the address is Phillip Avenue in Hackett, otherwise can organise carpooling from the coop. We are hoping to go on bicycles but it depends on the weather, and what people are keen to do!!

9:30 departure for a 10am start is the deal, tour will go until we finish, probably 11:30/12.

Email thedirtybeanstalk at gmail dot com, see you Saturday!