Fresh In!!! Fresh Produce, Special Discounts, & More!!! 16 July 2013

Fresh In!!! This Week…
Organic Australian Produce
Pineapples (QLD) $7.30/each
Snow Peas $25.00/kg
Imperial Mandarin Oranges (SA) $8.77/kg 
Granny Smith Apples $8.70/kg
Golden Delicious Apples $7.20/kg
Bio-Dynamic Red Anjou Pears (VIC) $8.70/kg

English Spinach $25.00/kg
Cos Lettuce $2.80/each
Fennel (NSW) $4.90/bunch

Bok Choi (NSW) $4.00/kg
Pak Choi (NSW) $4.00/kg
Cavolo Nero Kale (NSW) $4.50/kg

Super Savings Saturdays
In an effort to curb wastage of fresh produce, beginning this Saturday, all fresh fruit & vegetables will be 10% off the marked price every Saturday from 10a-4p

*New Products*

Three New Alter Eco Chocolate Flavours:
Dark Coconut Toffee with Butter & Salt (47%)
Dark Quinoa with Crispy Toasted Quinoa(60%)
Dark Cacao with Cocoa Nibs (63%)
All Flavours $5.90/80g

Organic Amaranth $9.50/kg
Organic Gluten-Free 3 Grain
(Amaranth, Brown Rice, Quinoa) Penne Pasta $17.60/kg

Planet Organic Natural Almond, Brazil,
& Cashew Nut Spread $10.80/250g

Planet Organic Stoneground Sunflower Seed Spread $9.30/375g

Natural Plain $8.50/500g
Berry Bliss Greek Style $8.70/375g
Blueberry $5.30/200g
Blueberry $8.50/500g
To Promote Mungalli Creek Yoghurt,
We Are Running Special Discounts on All Flavours
Through This Friday, 19 July

Back In Stock

Local Bilga Cold Extracted Stringybark Honey from the ACT
$12.60/kg *Bulk*
$13.60/kg *Packaged*

Organic Agave Syrup $12.70/kg

Hot Lunches Return…
Our weekday hot lunches return next week. They resume Tuesday, 23 July. Hot lunches will be served at the Food Co-op Cafe four days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 12p-2p. Hot lunches are $6 for the general public and $5 for members and students. A limited quantity is cooked, so come in early to ensure you get a feed. We are always looking for volunteers to help with food preparation, service, and clean up, so email us if you are keen and get a free feed for your efforts.
Acoustic Soup…
A huge thank you to Claire, Amelia, Los Chavos, Lazy Harrys, Jude Kohn, The Cashews, all the volunteers who helped out, and everyone who came out to support the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe. You are the ones that continually make Acoustic Soup a successful fundraiser for the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe, and for that, we thank you. We look forward to seeing you all again next month.
The Time for Renewal Is Upon Us…
With the end of the financial year behind us, it is time for everyone to renew their Food Co-op Shop memberships. Drop in, have a coffee, do a shop, and renew your membership. We look forward to seeing you soon for another exciting year in Food Co-operation.Get Involved…

There are always heaps of projects around the Food Co-op Shop for which you can volunteer. The lunch team is always looking for volunteers to help with food preparation, service, and clean up. We are looking for someone to help with our weekly stock check. And, we are looking for someone who doesn’t mind lifting (and potentially climbing) to help us clean and organise the storage area. Email us to find out more, and remember volunteering one hour per month entitles you to a month long 20% discount.
Empty Jars…
We are looking for donations of empty jars and/or bottles with lids of all sizes we can use for decanting bulk items at the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe.
Free Stuff…
The lunch coordinators cleaned out the kitchen and boxed up what we don’t need. The boxed kitchen items will be available for anyone to take for the next week. After a week, we will donate any remaining items.
Also, thanks to a local gardener, we have fresh bay leaves available for free to anyone who wants them.
Lost iPhone…
Someone left an iPhone 3 at the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe. To claim it, please have a description of the phone and the password.

Stay warm and cosy,
-The Food Co-op Team!

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