Fresh In!!! Hot Lunches 4 Days a Week, Fresh Produce, & More!!! 30 July 2013

Fresh In!!! This Week…

Organic Australian Produce

Bok Choi & Pak Choi (NSW) $4.00/bunch
Radishes (NSW) $4.50/bunch
*Special Price* Mushrooms (NSW) $18.00/kg
Sweet Potatoes $7.80/kg

Pineapples (QLD) $7.30/each
Local, Untreated Lemons & Limes (ACT) $7.20/kg
Fennel (NSW) $4.70/bunch
Granny Smith Apples $8.70/kg

Brussel Sprouts $14.40/kg
Coriander $3.40/bunch
Purple Carrots (TAS) $5.80/kg
Tangello (NSW) $8.40/kg

*Super Savings Saturdays*
In an effort to curb wastage of fresh produce, every Saturday, all fresh fruit & vegetables will be 10% off the marked price
every Saturday from 10a-4p


*New Products*

Meredith Dairy Natural Goat Milk Yoghurt $7.10/500g
Organic Amaranth $9.50/kg

Natural Plain $8.50/500g
Blueberry $5.30/200g
Raspberry $5.30/200g


*Hot Lunches Are Back, And Now On Fridays*

Friday Hot Lunches Are New

Our weekday hot lunches are back! Hot lunches are served at the Food Co-op Cafe four days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 12p-2p. Hot lunches are $6 for the general public and $5 for members and students. A limited quantity is cooked, so come in early to ensure you get a feed. We are always looking for volunteers to help with food preparation, service, and clean up, so email us if you are keen and get a free feed for your efforts. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help clean up from 2pm-3pm Tuesday through Friday.

Bring Your Own Cup…
Receive a Complimentary Coffee
with Your Purchase of a BYO “Keep Cup”

We now have BYO “Keep Cups” for sale at the Food Co-op Cafe.
Small (250ml) – $10
Large (375ml) – $12

They are made from renewable plant based bioplastic. Find out more at their website. In addition to helping the environment, having a BYO “Keep Cup” helps your wallet. When you buy a BYO “Keep Cup”, receive your first coffee on us, and there are new coffee prices for those of you who have a “Keep Cup”. (The new prices also apply to those of you who elect to stay in the Food Co-op Cafe and drink from ceramic.) The new prices are:
$3.70 – Small
$4.20 – Large

Also, our takeaway cups are now fully compostable. If you don’t have a way to compost them at home, bring them back to us, and we will compost them for you. This makes us the only completely organic, fair-trade, and compostable cafe in Canberra. For anyone buying a takeaway coffee in one of our new, fully compostable takeaway cups, the prices remain:
$3.80 – Small
$4.30 – Large

…But, don’t despair. If you remember to compost your cups, you are helping the environment.

The Time for Renewal Is Upon Us…

With the end of the financial year behind us, it is time for everyone to renew their Food Co-op Shop memberships. Drop in, have a coffee, do a shop, and renew your membership. We look forward to seeing you soon for another exciting year in Food Co-operation.

Get Involved…

There are always heaps of projects around the Food Co-op Shop for which you can volunteer. The lunch team is specifically looking for volunteers to help with clean up from 2pm-3pm Tuesday through Friday. We are looking for volunteers to help staff our booth at the PARSA Health Fair next Wednesday, 7 August. And, we are looking for a volunteer to do a tip run for us in the next week or so. Email us to find out more, and remember volunteering one hour per month entitles you to a month long 20% discount.
Stay warm and cosy,
-The Food Co-op Team!