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*Friday Hot Lunches Are New*

Hot Lunches Have Returned to
the Food Co-Op Shop & Cafe

Our weekday hot lunches are back! Hot lunches are served at the Food Co-op Cafe four days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 12p-2p. Hot lunches are $6 for the general public and $5 for members and students. A limited quantity is cooked, so come in early to ensure you get a feed. We are always looking for volunteers to help with food preparation, service, and clean up, so email us if you are keen and get a free feed for your efforts. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help clean up from 2pm-3pm Tuesday-Friday.

Acoustic Soup @ the Food Co-Op Shop & Cafe
Next Wednesday, 14 August from 7pm

Erica & Sally
Nina Haysler
Luciana Harrison
Canberra Poets

Acoustic Soup returns to the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe next Wednesday, 14 August. The festivities kick off at 7pm and include a fantastic meal prepared by Clair & company, great live music, and much more. The entry fee is $10 for the general public and $8 for students and members. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with Acoustic Soup. Email us to find out more.


Organic Australian Produce

Daisy Mandarins $8.40/kg
*Special Price* Yellow Grapefruit (SA) $4.90/kg
Red Capsicum (QLD) $24.50/kg
Ginger (QLD) $25.20/kg
Rocket (NSW) $25.20/kg
Bio-Dynamic Broccoli (NSW) $9.90/kg
Kale (Scottish & Tuscan) (NSW) $5.20/bunch
Local, Untreated Lemons (ACT) $7.20/kg

Local, Untreated Limes (ACT) $7.20/kg
Wombok (QLD) $7.20/each
Bulk Beetroot (VIC) $5.80/kg
Silverbeet (NSW) $6.30/bunch

Co-Op Siverbeet

*Super Savings Saturdays*

In an effort to curb wastage of fresh produce, every Saturday,
all fresh fruit & vegetables will be 10% off the marked price
every Saturday from 10a-4p


*Back In Stock*

Organic Black Beluga Lentils $9.20/kg
Organic Black Chia Seeds $40.50/kg
Organic Styrian Black Pepitas $28.90/kg
Black Turtle Beans $6.50/kg
Lima Beans $8.70/kg
Bio-Dynamic Dried Apple Wedges (AUS) $56.60/kg


Get Involved…

There are always heaps of projects around the Food Co-op Shop for which you can volunteer. The lunch team is specifically looking for volunteers to help with clean up from 2pm-3pm Tuesday through Friday. We are looking for volunteers to help staff our booth at the PARSA Health Fair tomorrow, Wednesday, 7 August. Email us to find out more, and remember volunteering one hour per month entitles you to a month long 20% discount.

Stay warm and cosy,
-The Food Co-op Team!

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