Fresh In! 14 August 2013

A Day Late, But Still Fresh In!!! This Week…

*Hot Lunches Are Now On Fridays Too*

Our weekday hot lunches are back! Hot lunches are served at the Food Co-op Cafe four days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 12p-2p. Hot lunches are $6 for the general public and $5 for members and students. A limited quantity is cooked, so come in early to ensure you get a feed. We are always looking for volunteers to help with food preparation, service, and clean up, so email us if you are keen and get a free feed for your efforts. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help clean up from 2pm-3pm Tuesday-Friday.


Organic Australian Produce

Cavolo Nero Kale (NSW) $5.90/bunch

*Special Price* Kiwifruit $5.40/kg
 Tangello (NSW) $8.40/kg 
Bio-Dynamic Fuji Apples (VIC) $8.70/kg

Grey Pumpkin $2.20/kg

Bio-Dynamic Pink Lady Apples (VIC) $9.00/kg

Purple Carrots $5.80/kg

Local, Untreated Lemons & Limes (ACT) $7.20/kg

Baby Spinach (NSW) $25.00/kg

Mini Cos Lettuce (NSW) $2.80/each

Choy Sum & Pak Choi (NSW) $4.50/bunch

Santa Barbara Pumpkin (VIC) $2.50/kg


*Super Savings Saturdays*

In an effort to curb wastage of fresh produce, every Saturday,
all fresh fruit & vegetables will be 10% off the marked price
every Saturday from 10a-4p


*Back In Stock*

Organic Black Beluga Lentils $9.20/kg
Organic Black Chia Seeds $4.05/100g
Organic Styrian Black Pepitas $28.90/kg
Organic Moong Dhal (AUS) $9.45/kg
Gluten-Free Buckwheat Spirals (AUS) $18.60/kg
Organic Pine Nuts $9.22/100g


Get Involved…

There are always heaps of projects around the Food Co-op Shop for which you can volunteer. Email us to find out more, and remember volunteering one hour per month entitles you to a month long 20% discount. We are currently looking for:
  • Someone to help us on Monday afternoons with our fresh produce delivery & veggie box packing in an ongoing capacity as support to our existing stock team
  • Someone who specialises in social media marketing & linking multiple accounts to help with our social communication through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Word Press, etc.
  • People to help with clean up after our weekday lunches between 2-3pm Tuesday through Friday 
  • Anyone who may have a fully functional electric oven/stove to donate
  • An electrician who could install an oven/stove
  • Donations of fabric
Email us to find out more.
Get Your Garden Growing
The Dirty Beanstalk has newly packed seeds available for purchase at the Food Co-op Shop & Cafe. The seeds are $3 per packet and can all be planted now either directly into your garden or in punnets under cover. In addition to packing and selling seeds, the Dirty Beanstalk are working in many community gardens around town. Contact the Dirty Beanstalk to find out more.
Stay warm and cosy,
-The Food Co-op Team!

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