Notice of our AGM on Sunday 24 November from 2pm

Dear Food Co-op Members,
The Food Co-op is having its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, 24/11/13 at 2pm. The AGM is a chance to hear and discuss reports on the activities of the Food Co-op and vote for new board members. Please see the accompanying proposed agenda and the minutes from last year’s AGM. Board Members form the Management Collective, a group with a minimum of five up to a maximum of nine interested members who have the time and energy to devote to overseeing the activities of the Food Co-op. There are three office bearing positions, President, Secretary and Treasurer, one of which must be filled by an undergraduate A.N.U. student, and up to six other non-office bearing positions.
The current MC encourages all Food Co-op members to consider becoming a Board Member.
Nominations: Anyone who has been a member for six months is eligible to nominate themselves as a board member by completing a nomination form. A valid nomination form requires the signatures of two other members. To be accepted onto the Board a nominee must receive a 2/3 majority vote. Nominations for the board will be taken up until one hour before the commencement of the AGM. Please see a co-ordinator at the till during opening hours to obtain a form.
The Management Collective: The Management Collective has a variety of duties both official and otherwise. The Treasurer and Secretary have official duties set out in the Food Co-op Rules (which can be accessed via the website), whilst other MC members provide support, insight and undertake tasks for the MC and co-op. The MC is involved in the employment of co-op staff, dispute resolution and grievance arbitration, advertising, budgeting and financial decisions, liaising with managers, future planning for the co-op and much, much more!
The MC requires members who can bring skills to the Food Co-op such as business knowledge, accountancy and legal skills. Being part of the MC is more than making it to a fortnightly or monthly meeting. Members of the MC must have time and commitment to extra hours and regular email contact with the MC, managers and members. MC members receive a 20% discount for their term on the MC.
We look forward to seeing you at the AGM, Sunday 24th November at 2.00pm,

Your MC


2pm Sunday 24 November 2013

1.      Welcome

2.      Approve minutes from the last AGM

3.      Annual report

4.      Finance report

5.      Appoint auditor

6.      Exploring Foundations for the Future

7.      Motion to vary membership structure and annual fees *details below

8.      Elect/appoint a returning officer

9.      Elect board members
a.     Call for nominations
b.     Vote by written ballot
c.     Count vote and report results

10.   Close of meeting

The meeting will be followed by afternoon tea.  There will be snacks provided and members are encouraged to bring along something suitable to contribute.

Current membership fees and hours
Up to $20,000
Over $45,000
Annual fee $25 $35 $45
Hours required for 20% discount 12 12 12
Proposed membership fees and hours
Up to $25,000
$50,000- $75,000
Over $75,000
Annual fee $30 $40 $50 $60
Hours required for discount 24 24 24 24


Food Co-op 2012 AGM draft minutes
Agenda items Discussion and decisions
Meeting commenced at 2.00pm
1.        Attendees
2.        Acknowledgement of country We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land that we meet on
3.        Welcome and introduction Welcome and invited attendees to introduce themselves with their name and favourite vegetable.Amber Shuhtya introduced herself as facilitator of the meeting and welcomed us:
“First I’d like to acknowledge the Ngnunnawal people who are the traditional custodians of this land. I would like to pay respect to the elders both past and present and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people present here today.
Secondly i’s like to remind everyone of why we are here today. obviously we are here for the annual AGM of the Food Co-op Shop but we are also here because we are a group of people coming together and uniting under shared values. Shared values that hold high the importance of community, sustainability, ethical consumerism choices and also the importance of volunteering and contributing to a small under resourced not-for-profit organisation.
I‘d like us for this meeting to leave aside any urges to act on any animosity we may have about each other or about processes leading up to today and to reunite in constructive problem solving, respectful dialogue, solution focussed future planning and non-judgementalism to our fellow co-op stakeholders and members.
I’d like everyone to consider whether the differences in opinion or ideas about how things ought to run at the co-op or at this AGM, whether those differences out-way our similarities, our shared values and our commitment to this co-op.”
4.        Elect/appoint a returning officer Proposal: that we nominate Ann Bromwich to be the returning officer for the election for the MC
Moved: Amber Shuhtya
Seconded: Brendan Moloney
5.        Approve minutes from last AGM Proposal: that we approve the minutes from 2011 AGM
Moved: Deb Cleland
Seconded: Brendan Moloney
6.        Annual report Annual report is attached
7.        Finance report
a.      Elect an auditor
Treasurer’s report is attached
Access issues
Increasing staff costs – attempt to reduce manager and MC burnout, so have more paid employee hours (3 managers about double the paid manager hours since whenXXX)
Massive electricity bill
Turnover dropped by about one third after our second move (about $30,000/month with just the shop, now about $25,000/month).
How can we as members help our community change its consumption habits so that we can get more people back into the Co-op, shopping and supporting local, ethical food.
Bank fees have halved, Westpac has lots of good services they offer community organisations, putting money aside to pay  our body corporate fees that we have already incurred, when they become due.
Lucia votes a motion of thanks to Deb for all her hard work – loud applause followed!!
What’s the difference in turnover? – turnover has increased, not a lot, not as much as we might have hoped for, but has consistently increased, but expenses have also gone up.
If we continue in our current fashion, will next year be a sustainable financial year?
Summer will be difficult, always quiet time for the Co-op. Will need to put in good effort next year and hope for a quick recovery.Move that we elect Houston and Hanna as our auditors for the next financial year, unless they are unable in which case we go with whoever they recommend.
Moved: Deb Cleland
Seconded: Amber Shuhyta
Vote of thanks for Kim Hanna who did audit pro bono this year
8.        Managers report Manager’s report is attached
Identifying essential management tasks.
Developing and recording systems that keep us running.
Need to get shop turnover up.
Must exercise caution on new ideas and need to consolidate what we already have, based on what our resources can support.
Mark Alwast commented on his experience of the MC as being highly active and involved in the running of the Co-op, and expressed appreciation for this.
9.        Elect five to eight board membersEach nominee has 1-2 minutes to speak and then opportunity for two questions to be asked from the membership
Voting by written ballot
Returning officer counts votes (while afternoon tea is happening)
There were ten eligible nominees for the MC: Adrian Gibbs, Brendan Moloney, Clayton McDonald, Hedda Ransan-Cooper, Joseph Brock, Jyoti Dambiec, Kai Kamada-Laws, Nicolas Della Penna, Robin Shannon and Tarn McInneny-McRae. As there are only nine places on the MC, the constitution allows for a vote in the case of a contested election for the MC.
Each nominee had two minutes to speak and members had the opportunity to ask two questions of each nominee. All nominees chose to speak and questions were asked of all nominees. Nominee blurbs that were sent to members prior to the AGM are included at the end of these minutes.
Traditionally eight people have been elected to the MC (plus the manager ex-oficio makes nine on the MC). However, it was pointed out during the AGM, that the constitution says that there are nine places on the MC, plus the manager ex-oficio. There was discussion about the previous practice and the provision in the constitution and it was agreed that we would elect up to nine members to the MC, as in written in the constitution, rather than eight members plus the manager ex-oficio, as has been the practice.
Ballot papers that have more than 9 crosses are informal and will not be counted
Moved: Emily Chapman-Searle
Seconded: Adrian Gibbs
Passed by consensusMembers voted in writing and ballot papers were collected by the returning officer. All ballot papers were counted by the returning officer while attendees of the AGM had afternoon tea.

Following counting, the successful nominees were announced. Six nominees received at least two thirds of the vote (as required by the constitution):
·       Adrian Gibbs
·       Brendan Moloney
·       Hedda Ransan-Cooper
·       Kai Kamada Laws
·       Robi Shannon
·       Tarn McInneny-McRae
We thank everyone who nominated to be on the MC and congratulate those who have been elected to form the new MC.

Deb Cleland passed on a message from Peter Quinton that he is really pleased and excited at how the Co-op is going and happy to talk to the new MC if they would like.

Vote of thanks to Ann Bromwich for being our returning officer.

10.     Afternoon tea (concurrent with vote counting
11.     Appoint office bearers (Secretary, Treasurer and President) Robin Shannon has offered to nominate to be the Secretary
Moved: Amber Shuhtya
Seconded: Kai Kamada-Laws
Other office bearers will be decided by the MC when they meet.
12.     Close and thanks Vote of thanks to Amber Shuhyta for facilitating the AGM.
Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM.
Thanks to the outgoing MC for their work over the last year.
Meeting closed at 3.45pm
Food Co-op Shop Financial Audit 
[interpretation, summary + historical comparison]·      Large loss for the financial year (~$14 000)
·      Costs associated with moving (staff + fit-out)
·      Problems with access: no parking, busway still not open.
·      Concentration on new business lines with low income to expense ratio
·      Staff costs: increased a lot due to new business lines, and an attempt to reduce manager burn-out
·      Electricity bill – not included but would make the picture even bleaker, as it stands at around $7000 at end of financial year.

Income v staff costs
Diamonds = income
Squares = staff costs-       café + lunches
–       3 managers, doubling hours
–       turnover dropped by about 1/3 after 2nd move, never recovered.
Bank fees halved
–       moved to Westpac has been very positive
–       cash reserve account for payment of Body corporate earning good interest
–       financial advice
Note on income streams
·      Lunches: minimal profit, but has direct relationship with shop takings
·      Acoustic soup: consistently clears between $500 and $750 per month
·      Café: minimal profit, but has been picking up in the first quarter of this FY after marketing efforts of Brendan + SIFE team and the incredible Sofia.
·      Shop: turnover still significantly below historical levels

The Food Co-operative Shop & Café
2012/13 Annual General MeetingAnnual Report

The Food Co-operative Shop underwent significant changes in 2012.

Change of Address
The Food Co-op moved from its temporary location on 21 Childers Street, to the ground floor of the Lena Karmel building at 3 Kingsley Street.

Change of Opening Hours
The Food Co-op’s trading hours were adjusted from 10am – 4pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10am – 7pm Tuesday and Thursday to 10am – 7pm, Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm Saturdays.

Expansion of Lunches
Three new lunch co-ordinators were employed and lunches expanded to include service on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12 – 2pm, during ANU semester times.

Opening of Café
A café was opened with substantial assistance from Lonsdale Street Roasters. Four café staff were employed to run this, on the advice, and with training from Lonsdale Street Roasters.

Change of Managers
At the beginning of the year, Natalie, Brendan and Joe were employed as Stock, Co-ordinator’s and General managers (respectively). Natalie resigned from her position in February, Joe and Brendan requested to take on her hours and role. Following Brendan’s resignation to pursue his Phd, Jono was engaged as a contract manager. Soon afterwards, Mark was engaged as a second contract manager. Joe resigned in August, and Emily volunteered as a manager in that time, she has since become engaged as a contract manager. Mark, Jono and Emily have agreed to continue in these roles until a recruitment process for permanent managers take place.

There has been an increase in the use of the Food Co-op’s premises as a venue for community events. This has increased partnerships with other groups.

Other business
In collaboration with the ANU Environment Collective, we have been running Skillshares.

The Co-op has started a gardening group, the Dirty Beanstalk. This group has been involved setting up the Lena Karmel rooftop gardens and building a partnership with the ANU Sustainability Learning Centre.

This year has been an incredible year for the co-op full of challenges and successes. It is a testament to this community, and the incredible effort and love put into that it is still operating.

Thank you for everyone’s support.

What a challenge the past 12 months have been!  Moving into and adapting to new accommodation, trying to work with a new stream of events, new point of sale systems, a new café, new parking and access restrictions, new interest groups and members,and new levels of paid staffing.
A note: Jono is away so I haven’t been able to get his tick of approval on the substance of this report but Em and I are in agreement on this management report
A few months ago after both Joe and Brendan left, Jono, Emily and I got together to plan out a structure for us to work to that would 1. Be sustainable for us, and 2. Where we could try to identify the essential things we need to do to achieve as much as possible in the limited management hours we had.
We wanted to limit burn out by ensuring we could fulfil the essential business tasks and be very selective about what other projects our energy went into.  Our goal has been to get all the essential management tasks clearly identified including instructions on all the various co-op management tasks. Even if we manage to find experienced managers to run this place in the future, it is most important that we have proven and specific systems in place for them to follow.  The issue of burnout can’t be managed unless we set clear boundaries for all workers.
We have achieved a range of constructive results, many of which are still a work in progress.  As a first priority we identified the need to get the shop turn over up and the stock loss reduced. Saying that, we can’t really support an increase in both business and volunteerism without adequate support structures in place.  That includes having a user friendly POS system, stock and produce ordering guides and systems, a functional roster for all staff and areas of work at the co-op, clearly defined roles and support structures, adequate utilisation of all staffing hours, consistency in stock levels etc. Combining our own experience and via consultation with members and staff (board members and other volunteers/coordinators and café/lunch staff) we can elaborate on what has and is, being achieved;

·       Replacing the current POS system to something more user friendly and quicker to use, including the installation of two systems at the front counter so we have a back up one for busy times. WIP (Work in progress)
·       The re-introduction of Bulk ordering, some new stock, as well as reductions in sale price on some popular items to attract more shoppers. WIP
·       Continuing work on shop set up and design in order to better use of space and easier shopping. WIP
·       Allocation of all specific day to day jobs, include time allocations and systems to follow. WIP
·       The moving of a large amount of the fresh fruit and veg to the fridge to reduce stock loss and increase the  quality of produce. DONE
·       A new second fridge for mainly dairy goods. DONE
·       Increased information for membership on access to the co-op including parking. DONE
·       A plan on how to manage the utilities of the space in the future (now it has been identified we can’t afford or justify heating or cooling the main space). DONE
·       ‘Ever evolving but nearly finished’ Event guidelines and approval processes that will make events safe and manageable.   WIP
·       Identification and reduction of risks for the co-op  in relation to events and kitchen use. WIP
·       Better systems and instructions for receiving deliveries with management taking more responsibility for pricing and updating the POS system. DONE
·       Removal of avoidance of accumulating ‘junk’ at/from the coop. DONE
·       Creating a ‘good ideas’ form as a first step for anyone to follow and guide them to consider and understand all that is necessary for a project/idea to get off the ground here at the co-op. DONE

·       New marketing material and campaigns to attract more new customers and increase the turnover. WIP
·       New signage DONE
·       A new partnership with a popular computer shop to increase patronage. DONE
·       The introduction of new easy to manage retail lines for the café WIP
·       Plans for redevelopment of the kitchen in stages/priorities relative to affordability. WIP
·       Support of a new marketing team and coordinator management team. WIP
·       Further expansion of the café area also supporting easier setting up of the co-op for events. DONE

·       A conservative budget forecast in place with a business management plan, so we can be clear on how much staffing we can employ and volunteer voucher based roles we can support.
·       Clear systems in place so the board and management do not get side tracked by untimely or unnessary events and agendas, ie; from doing what is most important in rescuing the co-op from a further financial crisis.  A focus on creating a stable sustainable business model for this new accommodation.
·       New POS system in shop and café ready to deal with influx of customers due to opening of roads and interchange (and new marketing campaigns including posters and letterbox drops).
·       Clear management roles identified and the related ideal recruitment procedures.
·       Relocation of certain stock with a vision to better storage containers and shop environment.
·       Further marketing material made and distributed to promote the shop focusing on competitive pricing and bulk food/orderings.
·       New and clear pricing policy to further support local, Australian and fair trade produce.
·       The introduction of co-op made items  including ‘mueslie’s at more affordable prices’ to support shoppers.

We must exercise caution on implementing any new ideas…consolidation needed in what we are already trying to do/deliver. We once just sold produce and dry goods, we now also have lunches, a variety of internal and external events, a café, and many more staff and financial management responsibilities to go with that.  In one word what we need is ‘consolidation’ of what we already have in place, (which is plenty if not too much already) for what our resources can support.

Nominees for the Food Co-op Management Collective
Following are the nominees for the MC listed aplhabetically by first name (*denotes current member of the MC).
1. Adrian Gibbs
Names of members approving this nomination: Cedar Newton and Amie Illfield.
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I have been a member of the co-op for over fifteen years and been a co-ordinator for all of that time. I have also been a member of the co-op’s management committee. Prior to that I participated in the regular monthly meetings convened for co-op members to participate in its management in the days before it was incorporated, while also being involved in the incorporation process when it was required.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
To contribute to its sustainability, financially and organisationally, so that it can become an ever greater resource for people throughout the whole Canberra region.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
Some experience in grant writing, a degree of financial literacy and ability to interpret accounts, extensive participation in small not-for-profits management organisations and committees (ACT community housing peak body, 2XX FM, ACT Shelter).
What do value about the Co-op?
The Food Co-op being a not-for-profit food outlet, where approaches to food production (minimal processing, organics, Fairtrade, local and home grown sources), distribution (bulk buying and selling, pricing) and retailing (options based on price, opportunities to reuse and recycle materials) are encouraged so as to reduce the negative social and environmental impacts found elsewhere in this cycle.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Staff liaison/support, Marketing/promotion, Member consultation
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Time for preparation and weekly meetings pose no problems.
No leave yet planned for 12/13.
Anything else?
To boost opportunities for communication and understanding between co-op members I would also like to work towards the co-op instituting at least three member-wide meetings per year (perhaps March, June & September). These would offer a means for everyone to come together to learn what is happening in their co-op, consider current issues and exchange ideas on matters of importance to it and its members.

2. Brendan Moloney
Names of members approving this nomination: Joseph Brock and Deborah Cleland
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I have been a coordinator since 2009, Manager from 2011 to 2012, and MC member for the second half of 2012.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
I feel that the co-op has spent 2012 establishing itself and next year will be an important year for ensuring all groups and systems are running smoothly. I would like to assist in setting this up.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
A knowledge of day-to-day operations and some ideas about the future direction of the co-op.
What do value about the Co-op?
The community building nature of the co-op, the high quality products and the relaxed ambience.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (2 or 3)?
–        Marketing
–        Partnerships
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Nothing comes to mind!
Anything else?

3. Clayton McDonald
Names of members approving this nomination: Sara Vancea and Jyoti Dambiec
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
Member, sound and food production, and music performance, for Acoustic Soups, since 2009. Sound and food production in support of community events held at the Co-op.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
I would like to contribute more to the success of the Co-op in meeting its objectives.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
Strategic thinking and planning for effective, efficient, economic and ethical enterprises. Systems analysis, design, implementation, operation and improvement, in alignment with business requirements.
Governance and management process knowledge.
What do [you] value about the Co-op?
The Co-op’s objectives;
To provide, where possible, food in bulk, i.e., without packaging, at an affordable price;
To encourage participation in the running of the Co-operative;
To provide a supportive environment for employees, coordinators, workers and members; To promote organic produce; To encourage and support the production of local produce; To promote healthy, happy, sustainable and environmentally friendly living in the region; To promote environmental responsibility; and
To inspire and encourage community participation and involvement in these aims.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Secretary, Member consultation, Staff liaison/support, Community development, Partnerships. (other: business process management, product development)
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
No constraints
Anything else?
Food quality, integrity, security, sovereignty and justice are; and will increasingly be; paramount concerns for our members and community. The Co-op has an important role to play in addressing those concerns. We can think, talk and act together to successfully fulfil that role.

4. Hedda Ransan-Cooper
Names of members approving this nomination: Emily Chapman-Searle and Deborah Cleland
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I joined the coop sometime in the mid 2000s … My whole sharehouse bought food from the coop and one of my housemates was a coordinator. My husband –Dominic – and I moved away from Canberra for a few years but since we’ve been back for a year I’ve been a coordinator and we now buy most of our food from the coop J
Why do you want to be on the MC?
I love the positive energy and commitment to sustainability that the coop generates.  It strongly resonates with my values and the life I want for my family. I would really like to contribute more of my time and energy towards consolidating what we already have and to keep growing in positive directions.  There’s so much great potential and I would to contribute in whatever way I can.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
I have been a coordinator for a year now and before that have shopped at the coop for a long time. So I feel I have a strong understanding of the every day running of the shop as well as the recent developments (lunches, café etc). I have strong inter-personal skills, and engage frequently with undergraduate students through my tutoring work at ANU. My PhD and other work experience has equipped me with excellent time management and organisation skills.
What do value about the Co-op?
Bulk chocolate!  More seriously, the focus on providing organic, local, fairtrade food. The lovely, interesting people who are committed to the coop, and a more sustainable life…
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Coordinator liaision & support (don’t think I would be great at any of the other positions to be honest)
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Have just bought a house so no lengthy absences for me!!
Anything else?

5. Joseph Brock
Names of members approving this nomination: Brendan Moloney and Mikaila Rodgers
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I became a member of the Food Co-op in 2006 and shortly after became a coordinator.  I continued to in this role as an active volunteer until September 2011 when I accepted the position of General Manager. During this time I was fortunate enough to be a part of many exciting developments at the co-op including moving into our new location and the opening of our café. I resigned as General Manger in August 2012 and continue to be actively involved in the co-op as a regular coordinator.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
Throughout several years as an active member, and most recently one as manager, I have become personally invested in the success of the co-op, both as a business and as an alternative economic model within the community. My interest in being on the MC is to continue working constructively with our members in order to achieve these aims.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
My previous position of General Manger was an intensive one that I feel gave me considerable insight into the functioning of the co-op and the problems that we face. I have exhaustive first hand experience working as a manager and coordinator for the co-op, as a barista in our café and have been instrumental in organising many events and fundraisers in the past.
What do you value about the Co-op?
I value the co-op as an outlet for quality, affordable food in our community. I also highly value its non-hierarchical, democratic system of organisation and decision making.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
I feel I would be highly suited to the roles suggested in 4 and 5. Volunteer and staff support and empowerment within the co-op is something that I feel passionately about and are issues I feel are key to the success of our cooperative in the future.
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Anything else?

6. Jyoti Dambiec
Names of members approving this nomination: Sara Vancea and Clayton McDonald
What is your history and involvement with Co-­op?
Member about 12 yrs ago and rejoined about 1 yr ago.  Cooking and helping at Acoustic Soups.  Kitchen related work including sourcing about $1,000 for  kitchen items. Publicity, stalls, organising number of events at Coop etc.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
Collectives, cooperatives, organic food and community building are very important to me. I have skills and experience gained over many years that I believe are useful to our Co-op.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
Experience working on many varied committees and in a number of
cooperatives and collectives over 30 yrs. Founding member of a land
community & Women’s Cooperative Bakery, Potters Coop, School Board etc.
What do value about the Co-­op?
Lots of things!  Provision of organic food, space for all sorts of progressive events. The music, vegan food.  The community gathering space, the wonderful friendships etc! I love the place! 🙂
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Community Development,  artnerships, publicity, networking type things. Interested in the kitchen/food side of Co-op with a view to helping this area make the Coop more financially viable. Have professional chef skills.
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Part-time art/ceramics teacher at Steiner school so available for any Coop mtings and keen to put in more regular working hours at the Coop in a voluntary/unpaid capacity.
Anything else?
I believe in respectful, open and honest communication.  I greatly enjoy working cooperatively within collectives and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm when working on things I believe are important.

7. Kai Kamada – Laws
Name of members approving this nomination: Emily Chapman-Searle and Deb Cleland
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
Became involved starting up lunches in 2011, serving as President for 2012, co-running Acoustic Soup. In this role I assisted in the development of policies, recruitment of staff, developing networks, promotions and social media, organising events, negotiations of lease and other contracts, liaising with other groups.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
To ensure the work we’re doing now is carried over into the new year. This past year has been full of learning and I feel its important to keep it going as we work through these challenging times.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
Knowledge of recent history of the Co-op, experience in the planning and development of new projects we’ve undertaken, daisy-chain-building.
What do value about the Co-op?
The strong volunteering ethos, the inter-generational learning and contact, its history, inspiring members, and its potential to become stronger and more resilient.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (2 or 3)?
Community Development, Marketing, Treasurer.
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Unsure of plans for next year, absence over Christmas – early feb.
Anything else?

8. Nicolas Della Penna
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I have been a working members since arriving in Canberra a year and a half ago. I have mostly helped in cooking lunches and acoustic soup and unloading deliveries on monday.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
To help the coop continue to grow and make it an even more sustainable organisation.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
I have a BA with first class honours in Economics, and over a decade of work in non-hierarchical community organisations across 3 continents.
What do value about the Co-op?
It’s people.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (2 or 3)?
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
I will be spending part of the academic year in 2013 in the US.
Anything else?

9. Robin Shannon
Names of members approving this nomination: Kai Kamada-Laws and Sophia Gordon
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I became involved in the co-op while I was ANUSA environment officer. I was involved in starting the $4 lunch initiative
Why do you want to be on the MC?
Because I am excited about the future of the co-op
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
Ability to work well as part of a group
What do value about the Co-op?
The atmosphere
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Staff liaison
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
I may be doing honours next year so I may be a little busy around the end of the year, but I will be able to definitely commit to monthly meetings.
Anything else?

10. Tarn McInneny-McRae
Names of members approving this nomination: Kai Kamada- Laws and Deb Cleland
What is your history and involvement with Co-op?
I have been an active member for two years, and am currently employed by the coop in the cafe. My involvement with the coop has included organising two clothes swaps (in O-week to draw students in, and recently to emphasis our Saturday cafe opening hours). I have also been involved in volunteer food prep for acoustic soups, and lunches.
Why do you want to be on the MC?
I want to continue to be involved with the coop after I leave the cafe next year (to pursue full time work). I would like to be on the MC in order to support the other MC staff, and also enable members and volunteers to be involved in coop decisions and processes, ultimately I want to continue to deliver the fantastic events and services that the coop provides in a more active role than my volunteer hours.
What skills and experience would you bring to the MC?
I have worked in multiple community organisations, and in the hospitality industry, both of which place a strong emphasis on team based approaches. I currently run the Canberra office of Sydney-based publishers Halstead Press, and this role has instilled strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and recognition of the importance of professional and sincere interactions. I would bring a strong work ethic, and sense of personal integrity.
What do value about the Co-­op?
I value the Coop’s commitment to its member base, and its recognition and engagement of volunteer support. I appreciate its sustainable and wholefoods ethic. I value the Coop as a space in which local community feeling develops, and as an alternative place to meet people and engage with ideas.
Which of the suggested roles are you interested in (list as many as you’re interested in)?
Member Consultation
Commitment particulars (any constraints eg, limited availability for regular meetings, planned lengthy absence in 2012/13)?
Only available on weekends due to working full-time.
Anything else?