Fresh In!!! This Week…
The Food Co-op Shop

Now Open Sundays from 10am-4pm!!!The Shop’s Final Trading Day of the Year
Will Be Saturday 21 December.
We will reopen for trade Monday 13 January 2014.


The Cafe Is Closed
Lunches Will Not Be Served

Until After the Summer Holiday Period.


The Next Acoustic Soup is
Wednesday 11 December from 7pm.

Organic Australian Produce
Sally’s Strawberries (Chemical Free, Michelago NSW) $6.00/250g
Break O’ Day Broad Beans (Organic [uncertified] Gundaroo NSW) $7.50/kg
Break O’ Day Rhubarb (
Organic [uncertified] Gundaroo NSW) $4.50/bunch
Rosemary, Mint, Oregano (Chemical Free, Michelago NSW) $2.25/bunch

Coriander & Flat Leaf Parsley (SYD) $3.60/bunch
Cos Lettuce (SYD) $2.80/each
Cavolo Nero & Scottish Curly Kale (NSW/SYD) $5.00/bunch
French Leeks (SYD) $5.00/bunch

Cherries (NSW) $7.00/200g
Coriander & Flat Leaf Parsley (SYD) $3.60/bunch
Peas (NSW)
Savoy Cabbage (NSW) $7.00/each

Green Chillies (QLD) $30.60/kg
Zucchini (NSW) $9.00/kg
English Spinach (VIC) $5.00/bunch
Colored Capsicums (QLD) $12.60/kg

Yellow Nectarines (VIC) $20.50/kg
Rock Melons (QLD) $4.80/each
Passionfruit $25.20/kg
Mangoes (QLD) $4.70/each
Apricots (QLD) $14.40/kg


*Super Savings Saturdays*
In an effort to curb wastage of fresh produce, every Saturday,
all fresh fruit & vegetables in the Shop will be
10% off the marked price from 10a-4p


*New & Back In Stock Products*

We Now Stock Reusable, 100% Recycled Shopping Bags
Handmade by a Food Co-op Member

Veggie/Fruit Bags with Drawstring (small) $12.00
Shopping Bags with Carry Handles (large) $15.00

Absolute Organic Hokkien & Soba Noodles $4.35/450g

Back By Popular Demand!!!

English Breakfast Tea $4.75/100g
Coco Quench Coconut/Rice Milk $4.40/litre


Teas 50% Off Clearance Sale

Yerba Mate  Was: $9.70/100g Now: $4.90/100g
Linden Flower Was: $12.80/100g Now: $6.40/100g
Lavender Flower Was: $15.10/100g Now: $7.60/100g
Lemongrass Was: $11.60/100g Now: $5.80/100g
Chicory Root Was: $12.00/100g Now: $6.00/100g
Alfalfa Was: $8.40/100g Now: $4.20/100g
Nettle Was: $11.40/100g Now: $5.70/100g
Siberian Ginseng Was: $7.60/100g Now: $3.80
Jasmine Flower Was: $7.80 Now: $3.90
Gingko Was: $9.20 Now: $4.60
Passion Flower Was: $10.80/100g Now: $5.40/100g
Rosehip Was: $10.40/100g Now: $5.20/100g
Echinacea Was: $12.80/100g Now: $6.40/100g
Red Clover Was: $4.80/100g Now: $2.40/100g
Marshmallow Root Was: $10.30/100g Now: $5.20/100g
Mugwort Was: $9.10/100g Now: $4.60/100g
Yarrow Was: $4.00/100g Now: $2.00/100g
Slippery Elm Was: $11.60/100g Now: $5.80/100g
Sienna Pods Was: $4.80/100g Now: $2.40/100g


Reduced for Clearance

Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drinks (Original & Lite)
Now $1.00/each


We Now Have A New MC

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM), Sunday 24 November, was a success. Thank you to all who attended. We elected a new Management Collective (MC). They are:John Lieber
Adrian Gibbs
April Sprague
Clair Boyer
Daniel Taylor

The minutes will be published in Fresh In! as soon as it is prepared, probably next week.

_________________________________________________Looking for something to do
Thursday Night 28 November from 7:15?
Come find out why you can’t close the gap by digging another hole.


Summer Holiday Cleaning Day

We will have a cleaning day working bee Sunday 22 December from 10am-4pm to prepare the Food Co-op Shop for the three week shut down period. If you are interested in coming along to help, please email us to find out more and roster yourself into a time slot. Food & fun will be provided.
Get Involved…
There are always heaps of projects around the Food Co-op Shop for which you can volunteer. Email us to find out more, and remember volunteering one hour per month entitles you to a month long 20% discount. We are currently looking for:
  • Fresh Produce from your garden to sell on consignment
  • Anyone interested in our Summer Holiday Shutdown Cleaning Working Bee
  • Anyone interested in cleaning the bathroom on a weekly basis.
  • Donations of clean, empty glass jars and bottles with tight fitting, sealable lids.
  • Donations of ceramic mugs and/or water glasses for use in the cafe
Email us to find out more about any or all of these volunteer jobs and/or requested donations.
In Cooperation,
-The Food Co-op Team!

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