2014 AGM Notice

Notice of Annual General Meeting

2pm Sunday 09/11/2014

Dearest Food Co-op Members,

It’s that time of the year again, the flowers are out, the fruit needs to go back in the fridge, and organisations all over the country are scrambling together their AGMs. So we are asking you, dear members, to put your shorts on, leave Kambah pool and join us in some cooperative democracy. The AGM is a chance to review the year that has been, and discuss the year ahead, with the broadest base of our members possible.

The members present will also elect a new Management Collective (MC) of up to 9 dedicated members. Please find the current working descriptions for MC roles attached here, and have a read even if you do not intend to nominate. If you would like to nominate yourself to be a member of the MC please email food.coop.shop@gmail.com before November 2 nominating yourself and, optionally, include a brief (200 word maximum) outline of why you would like to join the MC and what skills you can bring to the co-op.

This year has been a massive turn around for the Food Cooperative and we would like to celebrate our achievements with you all. In order to do this, we will be holding the meeting from 2pm, with the aim of finishing it by 3:30. We welcome you all to join together afterwards for a chilled beverage at the tavern of your choosing (to be decided through a 2/3 majority vote). The shop will also be open for anybody that wants to do their shopping before or after the meeting, or get a snack during it. Some light snacks will be provided.

Please find below an outline of the agenda and stipulated times to be followed, with a scheduled total meeting time of just over 90 minutes at this point. If you would like to add something to the agenda, please email food.coop.shop@gmail.com before November 02.

The MC urges you to consider attending and actively participating in this year’s AGM. It is a good chance to be part of our democratic system and is an easy and effective way to have your voice heard. It is also a good opportunity post-meeting to get together with your fellow Co-opers and discuss the year ahead, meet the new MC, or just be merry. Please RSVP to food.coop.shop@gmail.com as soon as possible to confirm you are coming, so we can estimate numbers. Also, please be aware under the constitution, only active members shall constitute quorum.


  1. Welcome (Facilitator) (5)

  2. Acknowledgement of Country (Liam) (2)

  3. Approval of previous AGM minutes (Adrian) (5)

  4. Annual report (Daniel) (10)

  5. Review of Special Resolutions (Daniel) (5)

  6. Managers report (Liam) (10)

  7. Café report (Jamie) (5)

  8. Finance report and Acceptance of Audit Document (April) (15)

  9. Elect Auditor (April) (2)

  10. Appoint returning officer (Adrian) (2)

  11. Election of Board members (Facilitator) (15)

    1. Read out nominations (handed in by November 02)

    2. Vote by written ballot

    3. Vote count and report of results

Other Business (15)

Meeting Close

Looking forward to a great afternoon,

Your MC
(Adrian, Daniel, Clair, John, April, Aly)