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Compliments or Complaints?

At the Food Co-op we aim to provide high quality food and service and encourages members of the public to tell us if for some reason they are not happy with food and service provided by the Food Co-op.
We also encourage members or customers to tell us if they have received good food or service. Compliments can be made in the same way as complaints, but rather than investigating, the compliment will be communicated directly to relevant staff.

If you have a complaint or a compliment you would like to pass on please call us or send us an email.

Our full Compliments and Complaints Policy can be viewed here.


  1. Hi Barbara,

    I like your new user friendly and informative Co-op website!

    One suggestion: give the ‘masthead’ photo of the ‘The Co-op Food Shop’ sign much more contrast or some other treatment to make it stand out …


  2. Hi julian, and thanks for the feedback. The site’s still being developed and improving the header image is on the to-do list.

  3. Hey, we are producers of organic food, organic mayo with truffles and organic mayo with asparagus. these 2 products are very interesting for the foreign markets. Tey are packed in tubes of 85g.
    Do you know how would it be the easiest to find a contact in Australia, to start a business relationship.
    Please let me know.

    Jernej Pulko

  4. Hi Jernej, I think it all depends on where you’re from and the quality of your produce. Australia also has very strict quarantine and food safety regulation.

    You might be best off finding an agent, or dealing with a direct importer. Who you would contact depends on what kind of market/price you’re looking for. If there is an Australian embassy or consulate in your country, they will have an Austrade representative who can advise you.


  5. i just want to ask why the coop have stopped doing there own brand of bronical medicine as my husband takes medication for an illness he has and the only medicine he could take for chest infections was the coops own bronical medicine

  6. Hello Mrs Eldred. The Co-op that made bronchial mixture is not this one. This one sells wholefood in Canberra, Australia. Googling “co-op bronchial mixture” might help.

  7. hello, looking for a food coop, having just arrived in Canberra for the next month and glad to find you.
    are you having soup kitchen night on wednesdays during winter? and is it correct you are open tues, thurs and sat til feb 2?

    much thanks

    1. Hi candance, soup kitchen will operate again soon, and I’ll post a notice here when it does. Summer hours for the rest of January and 1st February are:

      Tuesday 10 to 7
      Thursday 10 to 7
      Saturday 10 to 4

      Look forward to seeing you in the Co-op!

  8. Hi there,

    I saw a poster for the Acoustic Soup nights recently, posted in Civic, and was wondering if they are starting up again now?

    Thank, Amy

  9. Hi Sandy, as far as I know there isn’t a co-op on the GC, but perhaps you could contact the university student associations?

  10. Hi

    I was wonder if you stock b-d Farm Paris Creek German style quark? Please let me know so I can come visit today.


  11. Hi Suzanna, we do stock it, but I to check if it’s available at the moment, call the Co-op on (02) 6257 1186

  12. Hi,

    Could you please tell me how many hours a week/month you are required to work to maintain a discount?
    Could you also tell me how long the shifts are that you like to organise these in.


  13. Hi Emily, one hour work per month will maintain a 20% discount. There are many ways to fulfill your hour , as stated in the post on the topic, in particular:

    There are now more volunteering opportunities than ever, many of which can be done from home or outside of co-op opening hours.

    Put your name down on the timetable on the side of the fridge, or get in contact with the volunteer coordinator. Phone the co-op on 6257 1186 or email

    Thanks for your interest!

    1. Hi Nina! We have jsut got a delivery from them. All varities of their bar soaps are $5.50 each and their liquid castille olive oil soap is $6 a bottle. hope to see you at the co-op soon!


  14. Are the Wednesday lunches still on? I can’t find the info anywhere on the website. Are they regularly held or are they just one-off adhoc things?


    1. Lunches are on every Tues, Wednesday and Thursday during school term, so this is your last week to catch one before the break!

    1. Hi Judy,

      We currently stock Goldenholm Free Range Eggs from Darbalara Farm in Darbalara NSW for $9.00/dozen & $4.50/half dozen. If you have any other questions, please let me know.


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