Location and Parking


The Co-op is located at 3 Kingsley St on the ground floor of the Lena Karmel Unilodge building.

Access to the Food Co-op

Bike racks are out the front & bus stops are nearby. Parking is available at the following places:


parking 2



The Co-op has an accessibility ramp at the Barry Drive end of the building which may be of assistance to people with restricted mobility/a pram, etc. Children are welcome at the co-op, and there are some sofas and a low table that you’re welcome to use.

The Co-op has a small commercial kitchen which is used for preparing some items for sale and occasional catering.


  1. dear sir/madam

    we are interested in knowing if there is a simialr organisation in our home town of newcastl,
    new south wales and if so how to reach them

    kind regards


  2. Hi Teresa, thanks for your enquiry.

    There isn’t a stand-alone co-op in Newcastle that I can find, but there is a group called “Sustenance” that does bulk purchasing of veggies through Newcastle university. You can contact nusa@nusa.org.au for more info (that’s a general student union address).

  3. I too am also looking for something the same in Brisbane Queensland If you colud I would be very appreiciative

  4. Hi Leigh, you’re in luck, particularly if you live near one of the universities –

    There’s a co-op at Griffith Uni. This is from the uni site: “The Food Co-op is located near the post office. The food co-op sells organic fresh fruit and vegetables and other fresh produce as well as bulk dried food. Home delivery service is available. Ph: 3735 7603.”

    There’s also ecobug at UQ – ecobug.food.coop@gmail.com – opposite Next Byte, below Schonell Cinema, 10am-2pm weekdays.

    Happy co-oping!

    1. Hi I’m looking for locations in Melbourne . Is there any down the peninsula way, Frankston Mornington ect.

  5. Hi there – coming to Canberra tomorrow (Thursday October 1) and would love to visit – but tried calling your phone number and were told our call could not be connected.

    Are you open tomorrow at the new address in Childers Street?

    We wish to purchase bulk goods – do we need to organise with your first?



  6. Hi – hope the move went well. We found where you were moving too, but not open at the time – obviously.

    Are you open now, for the next time we come through? And what are your opening hours.



  7. Hi could you please let me know if you sell
    Nutri Crisps which are made from GABA rice
    and imported from Thailand.
    The local supermarkets used to sell them but
    all of sudden I am unable to find this product.
    Thanks. Gabriela

    1. Hi Gabriela,

      Unfortunately we don’t stock Nutri Crisps. It appears they are distributed by “Fresh Food Enterprises” and there is an information line you can call on 03 9646 5999. Best of luck.

  8. Hello

    I am trying to find dried blueberries and/or raspberries. Do you have them? Do you know anyone in Canberra that does?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Candice,

      We have organic Canadian dried cranberries in stock for $38.15/kg. We do not currently stock dried blueberries. There was a seller at the Epic Farmers’ Market who had dried blueberries about a month ago. Unfortunately, I do not remember who they were. Their stall was on the back row in the organic sellers’ section. They were organic. You may be able to find out more from the Epic Farmers’ Market website. I hope this helps.


  9. Hi Candice, do you mean dried raspberries or blueberries? They are Summer fruits and the only fresh ones available will be imported from a long way away/grown in an intensive system.

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