Management Collective

The Management Collective (MC)

The MC of The Food Co-op Shop provides governance, strategic planning and financial oversight for the Co-op. It consists of Co-op members who have a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. MC members are elected to best represent the interests of the broader Co-op membership.

The MC employs the Co-Managers to co-ordinate the daily business operations of The Food Co-op Shop.

The current Management Collective members are;
Chairperson – Trish McEwan
Secretary – Kirsi McQueen
Treasurer – Jono Crane
Directors – Ryan Godfrey, Peter Norris, Kayla Greenstien

The MC meets monthly and members are welcome to join these meetings to participate in discussion and raise matters for consideration by the MC. If you have questions for the MC or you would like to add items to the agenda, please email a manager at: