There are many different ways volunteers can help at the Co-op. We have an online roster to which you can sign up to either by being a subscriber to our Fresh In Newsletter, or if you send an email through to food.coop.shop@gmail.com we can make sure you have access.
We also have a range of ongoing and on call volunteer activities which isn’t as time specific as those jobs listed on the roster. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the following ways, send us an email and we can talk more.

Invoices (4/4 people) – They keep piling up! If you spend an hour entering invoices we’ll hit you up with a discount!

Tea Towel Team (8/8 people) – At the Co-op we need a constant supply of fresh clean tea towels for our weekday lunch service. Will you donate some of your time and the use of your washing machine to help clean, dry and fold our teatowels?

Bread Pickup Team (2/5 people) – If you’re driving from near Majura Park fairly frequently around 4pm to 6pm from Sunday to Thursday, you could help us by picking up the bread we serve with our lunches.

Movie Night Coordinator (0/1 person) – We would love to host more fun and educational events such as a monthly movie night. It’d be great for someone to find relevant films and encourage discussion afterwards.

 Product research (1/2 people) – We have some wonderful products here at the Food Co-op. Unfortunately our customers do not always know of the nutritional benefits of these items, or how best to use them. We are starting up a product research team to provide shoppers with general information and recipes for all of our products.

 Promo Team (1/5 people) – Due to our sub-prime location the Promo team is vital to drawing new and old members alike to the organic produce and communal atmosphere of the Food Co-op. If you have marketing experience, have some fun ideas to involve people, or just want to lend a hand we’re more than happy to have you on board.

Art project curators (0/2 people) – The Food Co-op proudly displays a public mural on the main wall of the shop. We are looking for two artistically minded members to curate the public space. We hope to have a different theme each season – be it food, the environment, public awareness, social justice, or just art for the sake of art.

Website Administrator (1/2 people) – Our website is in need of updating and maintenance. If you are an experienced web designer or have any fresh ideas please get on board!

 Event person (0/5 people) – The Food Co-op would like to have a presence at all sustainability, environmental, and food fairs in the ACT region.. We intermittently have a stall at events such as Art not Apart, Harvest Festival, ANU O-week, and Living Green Festival, amongst others. If you’d like to represent and promote the co-op at events such as these please let us know and we will contact you when they come up.

 Induction team(1/4 people) – We’re looking for experienced Co-opers who would feel comfortable running induction sessions for our new members. Induction sessions are held from 10:30 to 12 on the first Saturday of each month. Each one would involve a tour of the Co-op plus an explanation of how we operate, and how to use the shop.

 Handyperson (2/2 people) – A handy person is often required for little odd jobs around the co-op – from fixing leeks to drilling holes. If you think you can help out please let us know.

Furniture building (0/1 person)– Are you a keen woodworker? We have a steady flow of wooded pallets coming through the shop. If you are interested in turning these into furniture and garden beds this is the team for you.

Baking (0/3 people) – If you love baking or making raw desserts this job is for you. We’re looking for some ace bakers to prepare some baked and raw snacks for us to sell at the café. You’ll get use of our kitchen and the choice of our whole range of products.

 Legal (1/2 people) – If you have legal experience we occasionally need some sound legal advice. If you feel as though you can provide this advice please let us know.

 Accounting advice (1/1 person) – We rely on volunteers for most accounting matters. If you are in any way qualified in accounting, particularly in the areas of auditing, tax, tracking, and you are willing to offer your help we will happily take it.

 Flyer drops (0/3 people) – As part of our marketing campaign we want to distribute Food Co-op flyers throughout the inner north. We’ve got the distribution maps and flyers ready to go, we just need some willing legs, or wheels, to get them out there.

Librarian (0/1 person) – The Food Co-op is the proud host of a people’s library. All of our books are free for anyone to take, but once you are done please return them so that other people may also enjoy. If you have any books to donate to the library please bring them along to the shop! The library is in need of a librarian to label new books and to categorise the books on our shelves.

 Tip Trip (0/1 person) – As hard as we try not to we still manage to accumulate stuff that we have no use or storage space for. Every couple of months we require a trip to the tip to discard and recycle some accumulated things. If you have a ute and are willing please let us know.

 The ‘Bring down the Australian supermarket duopoly team’ (1/3 people) – Here at the Food Co-op we endeavour to provide an alternative to the evil, bullshit, profit at all costs corporate food duopoly which is taking over Australia. To continue to do this we need people to realize why alternatives to the duopoly are so important. We need people to realize that the Food Co-op Shop is trying to prevent the rural strangle hold, that we don’t dictate low prices to farmers, that we don’t use volume purchasing strategies to drive profits at the expense of farmers.
At the same time we want people to recognize the social, environmental, and personal benefits of organic food. We have to highlight why our organic produce is more expensive than drugged-up, gassed, chemical filled food. We also have to highlight that we are not driven by profit. Heck, our food might even have the occasional bug on it because it hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals designed to shut down nervous systems. We think this is a good thing. Get on board!

 Grant writing (1/2 people) – We are hoping to apply for as many grants as possible to help maintain the shop and get some projects off the ground. If you are experienced and or confident in grant writing we could really use your help!

 Farmer connections – We are on the way to becoming a local food hub for Canberra but we still have many connections left to make. If you would like to promote the Co-op to local producers or if you have connections of your own then please get in touch.

 RAP (0/2 people) – We are excited about introducing a Food Co-op specific Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We would like to involve people who are passionate about seeing this implemented. If this is you please join our group!

Printing (1/2 people) – With so much to printing to do we’re keen to get our hands on some guerrilla printing. If you can help us out please let us know.

 Donations – Don’t have time to volunteer but still want to contribute to the Food Co-op? If you have any donations that you think might help us out please let us know.

The Management Collective (MC)
The MC of The Food Co-op Shop provides governance, strategic planning and financial oversight for the Co-op. It consists of Co-op members who have a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. MC members are elected to best represent the interests of the broader Co-op membership.
The MC employs the Shop Managers to co-ordinate the daily business operations of The Food Co-op Shop.

The MC meets monthly and members are welcome to join these meetings to participate in discussion and raise matters for consideration by the MC. If you have questions for the MC or you would like to add items to the agenda, please email a manager at: food.coop.shop@gmail.com


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