How to Shop at the Co-op

The Co-op stocks a range of goods – both packaged and unpackaged. Packaged goods can be purchased just like at an ordinary shop, and include chips, dairy products and alternatives, noodles, juices, soy milk, canned veggies, and much more.

The Co-op’s speciality is unpackaged goods, which are sold in large bulk bins and include chocolate, pasta, flours, grains, pulses, herbs and spices, nuts, cleaning products and much more. The best approach is to come prepared with containers and bags from home, then follow the simple steps below. It may seem daunting at first, but doesn’t take much effort and the volunteer co-ordinators are always on hand to assist.

    • Please wash your hands in the kitchen – particularly if you are buying from the bulk bins, (the Co-op is in the process of purchasing “no handling” food grade plastic dispensers which will help us keep everything clean).
    • Weigh your containers and record the weight in a notepad or on the container itself (there is usually a Sharpie by the scales).  This will be used to subtract the cost of the container when purchases are being calculated.
    • If you forget, or need more containers, there is a bench with used bags, jars, etc, although it can be a bit of a lucky dip.  There are new paper bags available to purchase cheaply.
    • Fill your containers and when you’re ready, take it to the checkout
    • If you have an accidental spill, please clean it up. There are rags, brooms, etc in the kitchen you can use. If you’ve spilled a large quantity or the item is an expensive one, please consider making a donation to cover costs – the Co-op has a standardised very low mark-up and is a non profit organisation.
    • If you have any questions, just ask the volunteer Co-ordinator, who will be happy to help.

Bulk Orders

Members are entitled to place bulk orders for 5kg+ of any items from our suppliers and receive a 10% discount.  We are currently preparing to add this facility to our website, but in the meantime, please ask at the till if there is anything that you would like to buy in bulk.

Veg Boxes

We have fresh produce boxes available to order! Our Veg Boxes contain an enjoyable range of organic, seasonal fruit and veg. $25 boxes contain enough produce for a couple, and $50 boxes are designed for a household of roughly 4. To order, visit the Co-op or send your Veg Box order to by Monday 12pm and your box will be ready for collection on Wednesday.

3 Reasons to shop at the Coop

      1. Wholesome, healthy food and products
      2. We bring local food to your table
      3. We’re community owned by people like you!

Check out the Products page for some of the products we carry (we hope to bring a full list to the website soon), and information about our Fresh Food Boxes, or what’s In Season In Canberra.