Looking for great local, organic, fair trade, bulk foods and products from a community-owned grocery store? You came to the right place.

The Food Co-op in Canberra offers an alternative to the status quo, a grocery store run by members, for members, providing food that doesn’t cost the earth. We carry local, fresh, organic, sustainable, natural, Fair Trade, ethical, bulk and affordable products.

3 reasons to shop in the co-op:

  1. Wholesome, healthy food and products
  2. We bring local food to your table
  3. We’re community owned by people like you!

If possible bring your own clean bags and containers as a large proportion of our products are sold in bulk, although paper bags are available for purchase if you forget your own.

If you would like some tips on how to shop at the co-op you can find more information in the How to Shop at the Co-op section. Also, check out the Products page for some of the products we carry (we hope to bring a full list to the website soon), and information about our Fresh Food Boxes, or what’s In Season In Canberra.